Who Would Want to go to Dijon?

Who would ever want to go to Dijon? This question and variants thereof is the most asked in this book. But it all starts in London with a kidnapping gone wrong. Flight and chase take the reader through France to Paris and from there to Dijon. No car races and police investigation, I'm afraid, the year is 1780.

Ashtyn Long

Before the French Revolution, French and English aristocrat families often intermarried. The distinction of the really rich and powerful was keeping a townhouse in London and another in Paris, both. The Duke and Duchess of Avon did just that to keep in touch with relatives in both countries and to grace the Royal courts in London and Versailles with their presence.

Their son, the Marquis of Vidal will one day inherit titles and lands, but he already inherited his father's disposition and his mother's mercurial temper. The Duke of Avon was known as Satanas, his son got the nickname Devil's Cub through his reckless behaviour. That is also the title of the book by Georgette Heyer who leads her readers through a merry chase. The kidnapping should get a young damsel of dubious virtue to France with the Marquis. Instead, it gets a young lady of quality there.

From there, things spiral out of control. The book is a comedy of errors; all participants react to wrong assumptions which lead all and sundry from scrap to scrap. The facts are always quite different from their assumptions. Thanks to this build-up, the story is racy and takes the reader from cover to cover in no time.

Marcus Schenkenberg

Add to this Georgette Heyer's mastery in period description and you know you've found a good book to read. As opposed to many historians, historical advisers to the film industry, and writers of historical novels, she always has her facts right. That includes the correct colour of powder used for wigs and the placement of patches. If you want to live in 1780, take this as a sample to get you there.

The book can stand on its own without any problem. Having read These Old Shades about the adventures of the Duke and Duchess of Avon earlier, it becomes that much more fun. Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer is available on Kindle, as is the prequel These Old Shades.

Travis Fimmel

I almost forgot. While it is clear why everyone is following someone going to Dijon, the initial question is never answered in the book. I presume, the answer would be no one.

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