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English Viscountess in Occupied France

During World War II, there were collaborators in all the countries the Germans occupied during the war. We know of French, Dutch, Greek or Italian men and women making common cause with the Nazi regimes of their country. This book, though, is about an English collaborator in France.

Christmas The Royal Way

When you look at Christmas traditions in Britain, they look quite German. The reason lies with the Royal family which excelled at importing German Princesses and with them all kinds of traditions to England. While the Christmas tree and its decoration is a German import, there are other foreigners to be named, too. Pantomime, turkey, and Santa Claus are among them.

Queen Elizabeth II

Bert Trautmann: From Iron Cross to OBE

Biographies may turn out to be just about anything; they come as pack of lies, as means to drop names, as a way to shift blame to others, or as a collection of pointless anecdotes. Every once in a while, a biography is published that stands out presenting a riveting life's story. The biography written about Bert Trautmann is one of the latter.