Mystery in The South of France

If ever you planned to go on a holiday to the South of France, this mystery novel is the ideal way to take yourself on a spin through all its best landscapes and cities. And when you really go there on your holiday, don’t forget to take the book along; Mary Stewart’s Madam, Will You Talk may serve as guide book and mystery novel at the same time.


Marquess of Bath Biography

There is nothing noble about it. A biography about the life of the 7th Marquess of Bath and current holder of the title gives an in-depth psychological analysis of one of aristocracy’s most prominent nut-cases. While many visitors flock to Longleat’s Safari Park, few of them are aware of the constant private warfare waged on the estate though some of it has swapped over into the newspapers recently.

Alexander Thynne, 7th Marquess of Bath

Teenage Sorcerer Apprentice

In fantasy stories, everything from characters, props, through geography to magic has to work in perfect harmony. Pawn of Prophecy is one of the fantasy books that really work all the way through. Dialogues are funny, it has the necessary cliff hangers, and magic has strict rules to follow. You could take a holiday in the land of make-believe with this book anytime. It is, though, the first in a series of five; you better reserve some time for the others, too.

Taking a Dig at The French

The English and the French are well known for their long lasting friendship built on mutual esteem, or maybe not. The Entente Cordiale is but a thin veneer over the gulf that separates the two countries. But indeed, there is a lot of fun to be got out of a situation playing the French against the English.