Reincarnation Every Day

What pops into your mind when you read the word reincarnation? Are past lives flashing through your mind stirring imagined memories? I found a book that can take you out of the cycle of reincarnation. Not the usual one. The cycle that somehow makes you look back thinking past incarnations are important. It's a guide to reincarnate your life now.

Helped by TV series produced for the gullible, the first reaction to the word reincarnation is always the same for everyone (please excuse the generalization if you are the exception). Galley slave on a Greek warship, berserk Viking raider, and prosecuted aristocrat in the French Revolution to name just a few I have been confronted with over time. It's all good to have a bit of fun inventing these things, but time could be spent more profitably.

Reincarnation Through Common Sense was written by Doug 'Ten' Rose. The author is of the opinion that he isn't a writer. If a writer has to construe graceful sentences using artful language, then he isn't. If a writer is someone telling a good story and imparting wisdom through it, then he is. Language usage in this book is not artful, but contrariwise very easy to read. It is an everyday book with a far from everyday content.

The book gives an amusing and enlightening account of life at a Buddhist monastery. What happens is funny in itself, and it is told with a tongue in cheek sense of humor that is partly the author's but is inspired by the monks and nuns living there. Don't think Hollywood stereotyped trash when reading monastery, Buddhist monasteries are places of life and fun, not flagellation and negation. But this is not all there is to learn.

The book contains many tips and tricks on how to deal with situations and life in general. None of it takes the form of religion, all of it is more of an invitation to think things through under your own steam. This makes the book interesting and readable for followers of any religion or none. It doesn't challenge any beliefs that might be dear to any religion, it just gets you thinking about how to make more out of them.

There are a few books that I hold dear and read often: Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, The Tao of Pooh, and The Te of Piglet. Reincarnation Through Common Sense has found its place right beside them. The book is available as a print version as a gift or for your Kindle.

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