Teenage Sorcerer on The Move

The second book in the Belgariad takes readers on a ride of exploration through three kingdoms. While the first dealt with misty, orderly Sendaria and the Viking kingdom of Cherek, this one takes them through Arendia, Tolnedra and Nyissa on the quest set for Garion. Join the teenage sorcerer apprentice in trying to get answers and explanations.

The first book Pawn of Prophecy led readers through the growing up years of Garion. The quest started in Sendaria, an unimportant but orderly little kingdom and introduced readers to the idea of an elected monarch. Garion was constrained to reassess the people he thought he knew and come to terms with the 'impossible.' The quest led North into the Alorian kingdom of Cherek and its Viking inhabitants. There Garion got his first taste of court intrigue and treachery.

The second book starts in Arendia after the travelers had left Cherek. Arendia is in a permanent state of civil war and Garion quickly gets embroiled into the thick of it. He has to get out of trouble in a country entirely ruled by concepts of medieval chivalry. Court etiquette is intricate and quite beyond the understanding of a 14-year-old farm boy. Despite all hurdles, he somehow manages to scupper a major rebellion and a possible war.

The party travels South into the Empire of Tolnedra. Here, readers enter a Roman world governed by greed and intrigue. An old emperor with only a daughter has thrown the succession wide open for the noble houses. The parties use bribes, abductions, and murders as means of their discussions. The travelers move South through the country and eventually reach the Wood of Dryads on the border to Nyissa. Along the way, they picked up the spoiled, teenage Imperial Princess who is trying to prove a point to her father by escaping the palace.

They enter Nyissa and travel East to the capital. Garion has to come to terms with the fact that he is a sorcerer. In the process, he gets abducted and has to be rescued by his friends. The kingdom lives by the rules of the snakes and had been involved in what the other kingdoms considered the worst crime ever. No one therefore feels constrained to play by their rules. Both sides break most rules while having their get together.

Queen of Sorcery follows seamlessly onto its prequel Pawn of Prophecy. The concept of teenage growing up and learning combined with travel quest works extremely well to keep readers amused and amazed page after page. The knack of describing an alien world in well known terms and concepts makes for easy and amusing reading at the same time. Queen of Sorcery is available on Kindle.

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