Teenage Apprentice Sorcerer Rescue Mission

The third book of the Belgariad sees the teenage apprentice sorcerer dig into his training up to his armpits. Traveling further through the lands of the West, readers are taken to Maragor, the Vale of Aldur, Ulgo, and into the kingdom of the Murgos. The journey of discovery of the magical fantasy world created by David and Leigh Eddings continues at a fast pace.

Traveling becomes even more exciting for the junior sorcerer in this sequel to the Queen of Sorcery. The journey takes him through Maragor, a kingdom inhabited by ghosts. In the process, he has to admit that insubstantial things can do substantial damage. Through the Vale of Aldur he enters the snowy mountains of Ulgo to find the entrance to that secretive and subterranean kingdom. Hampered and hindered by monsters of all kinds he finally arrives at the caves of Ul.

The journey continues from there into the enemy kingdom of the Murgos. Preparations for war are complicating stealthy movements and the group of travelers has to resort to more and more outlandish tricks to remain undetected. Despite being quite conspicuous, they manage to get through to the city where the High Priest resides. He has the magical stone in his possession that has been the center of the quest all along.

By trickery and deceit, the group is able to enter the temple and abode of the hierarch and magician. the senior members have a very pointed discussion at that point which results in earthquakes and the destruction of a city. But the aim to retrieve the magical stone is accomplished. But how will they get out of a city that is falling to pieces all around them?

In this book, the authors return to Garion as the principal person of the story. It works better than in the Queen of Sorcery where Ce'Nedra was the main person and gives a closer link to the Pawn of Prophecy describing Garion's early years and the start of the quest. As an added plus, Garion's personality is developing fast and is getting quite quirky.

The world as it unfolds for Garion is in itself consistent and the principles applied to reality and magic are rigorously adhered to. There is one exception, and they can get away with that one. (Can you spot it when you read the book?) Readers are kept amused and amazed by traveling through these foreign lands learning alongside young Garion about it. Magician's Gambit by David and Leigh Eddings is available on Kindle.

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