Here Be Dragons

It's a schoolboy's dream: Disappearing desks, mysterious objects materializing out of nowhere, and being transported to a magical realm. All this and much more can be found in Blast of the Dragon's Fury by L. R. W. Lee. And what is best, at the time of publication of this review, the book is available for free on Amazon for Kindle e-readers.

by +Lucas Dié on Books

As a ten to twelve year old, I would have been devouring this book in an afternoon. It reminds me of the best I read at that age; it's wild, it's highly improbable, and it's absolutely spellbinding. Enter a realm of fog and magic beset by a curse. Find a king, a court magician, a Pegasus cavalry and an enchanted castle beset by enemies. Venture out into the realm to encounter giants, shape-shifters, giants and other creatures of fairy-tale fame.

The book is written for an age group that is highly egotistical and egocentric. When the ten year old hero of the story, Andy Smithson,  moves from this world to the magic land, his conscience is sent on a holiday while the local replacement called inneru takes over. I fondly imagine that the word inneru is derived from German 'Innere Ruh' (internal peace). It's highly vocal, it's pugnacious, and it's idea of a subtle hint has all the charm of a sledge hammer.

Otherwise the tale contains all the elements that make up a good yarn. Exploring an alien world and society that is based on medieval ideas combined with making new friends and a quest. Mortal danger and narrow escapes are included as well as mystical figures and help from unexpected entities. All in all, it offers a perfect escape on a rainy afternoon.

The characters and the story can be understood by children under ten years of age, too; the book can easily be read out loud and depending on your reading style be dramatized by exaggerating the peculiarities of the individuals portrayed. You won't be called on explaining too many things happening in the story line or the character development of the hero. That is all included in the price.

As the book can currently be downloaded to any Kindle e-reader on Amazon for free you really shouldn't hesitate to get it. And if you don't have children in the relevant age bracket you can still enjoy it for yourself and be taken back to the time when you still knew that these magical realms existed all around you.

L. R. W. Lee's Blast of the Dragon's Fury is available for free on Amazon at the time of the publication of this review. Using the search term 'Andy Smithson' will give you a current list of all available books in the series, just in case you want to buy the sequel because you enjoyed the first one so much. As I did.

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