How The Afterlife Works

Power of the Heir's Passion by L. R. W. Lee is a sort of a prequel to the Andy Smithson series. I assure you that this is the most accurate description of afterlife available, for the world of Oomladee, not ours. It is subtitled A Novella; not quite a book but too long for a short story. And it's a ghost story from start to end.

I am absolutely convinced that the author hit upon how the afterlife works. There is one indication in the set-up that just rings too true to be invented. You'll agree with me when you read the book; and I wont even have to tell you what I mean, it's so obvious.

The novella is not a necessary read to understand the Andy Smithson series, but it is a total hoot. It also gives you some insights into the why and how of the book series. It reveals that there is more going on than just educating Andy as there are others that desperately need their heads set straight.

Vladimir Shklyarov

The price of the novella reflects its length (or the lack thereof) and not its quality. And it is refreshing to see that the author had the guts to keep it short and to the point rather than drawing it out unnecessarily like so many others do just to get to book size.

L. R. W. Lee's Power of the Heir's Passion is another story I can recommend highly; and for once grown-ups might actually enjoy it more than the intended and targeted adolescent readership. It's even a recommended read if you don't intend to read the Andy Smithson series, it's that good.

Ivan Vasiliev

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