When a Spell Goes Wrong

Enter the present day world of witches, warlocks, and high-school. Then add murder to the mix. This is the enticing recipe served up by Nikki Jefford in Entangled, the first of the Spellbound books. If the mix is something you can get into, the book is free to download on Amazon for Kindle, and you will be enchanted with what you find.

by +Lucas Dié on Books

High-school is a perfect setting to wreck havoc when mixing in budding witches and warlocks; adding murder and a spell gone wretchedly wrong and you're in comedy central. I can guarantee you that your idea of 'time share' will undergo a radical review after reading this lovely book.

What I admired most about Nikki Jefford's work was the ease with which she makes her world seem totally everyday and natural. It is this normality in its set-up that makes the book come alive. It is also the basis to keep you amused and carry on reading page after page.

It is credit to her writing skills that she can carry off the most outrageous situations and ideas as commonplace and nothing out of the ordinary world you and I normally inhabit. Witches and warlocks? I must have overlooked them while I was at high-school, but obviously they were there. This book convinced me of it.

If I seem terribly reticent about what is going on in the book: I really wouldn't want to spoil it for you. One spell gone wrong results in a whole string of irregular (even for high-school standards) and highly amusing situations. If you plan reading this book, you'd better do it on an afternoon you have no other plans for, you might just decide to read on instead of doing anything else.

Nikki Jefford's Entangled is a book I can recommend to any reader who loves to read about magic, witches, and comedy. The characters are well formed and keep within character throughout; no bad surprises that one of them suddenly does something unexpected or out of type. All in all, it is a well crafted story from start to end. Best of all, it is free to download to Kindle on Amazon.

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