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How The Afterlife Works

Power of the Heir's Passion by L. R. W. Lee is a sort of a prequel to the Andy Smithson series. I assure you that this is the most accurate description of afterlife available, for the world of Oomladee, not ours. It is subtitled A Novella; not quite a book but too long for a short story. And it's a ghost story from start to end.

Teenage Apprentice Sorcerer Rescue Mission

The third book of the Belgariad sees the teenage apprentice sorcerer dig into his training up to his armpits. Traveling further through the lands of the West, readers are taken to Maragor, the Vale of Aldur, Ulgo, and into the kingdom of the Murgos. The journey of discovery of the magical fantasy world created by David and Leigh Eddings continues at a fast pace.

Ghostly Science

Ghosts are a fascinating matter. There are people who believe in quarks and black matter; there are people who believe in gods and demons; and there are people who believe in ghosts. The first two are amply covered by one or more science fields, the latter finally receives recognition in a book dealing exclusively with it. The writer grew up and spent all his youth in ghost haunted buildings and is therefore an expert on the matter.

Ghosts Lacking in Spirit

Seeing a ghost is a spooky event. A book about ghosts therefore should be a spooky affair; at least it should be captivating. A book by Peter Ackroyd about ghosts is neither; worse, it isn't even a good anthology. Even famous writers may produce a catastrophe, it seems.