Gripping: Monica Seles

JR Books published Getting A Grip by Monica Seles. The autobiography of the former number one in women's tennis gives an insight into women’s tennis circuit, dieting, and binge eating. Monica Seles tells the story of her dream of fame, her very own real nightmare, and the demons still hounding her. 

The Little Prince: 70 Years After Publication

The Little Prince has grown big over the years, really huge, since its first double publication (French and English) in New York in 1943. There are few other books that have been translated into over 200 languages. Some of these languages have otherwise only ever seen the bible translated before. This book can therefore be said to have been and still being a huge success. But what makes it so special? 

History Distortion With Criminal Intent

Adam Boulton, Sky’s former political editor, tried to write a book on the Blair years at 10 Downing Street: Tony’s Ten Years: Memoirs of the Blair Administration published by Simon & Schuster. If you expect objectivity and distance from a political editor, then you will be sorely disappointed. But it is much worse than just a failure to keep the distance.

Poking Fun at Book Critics

Rupert Thomson has written a novel under the title of a memoir. He is out to take book critics for a ride. As far as I was able to find reviews, he was extremely successful even though plot, style, and hyperbole used are a dead give-away. But the book offers much more than schadenfreude at the expense of hapless professional book reviewers.

Growth and Sustainability: Highgrove Harmony

With many others, I think that HRH Prince Charles Prince of Wales is out of fashion. Unlike many others, I believe that you have to be out of fashion to be really fashionable; you can't be a trend-setter by slavishly imitating others. His new book is a trend-setting experience that goes counter to actual political trends.